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What type of electricity meter do I have?

Here is a description of meter types. You will also find these meter types and codes in the section of our website called "Enter Meter Reads" once you have logged on.

Uncontrolled As the name suggests, uncontrolled meters are not controlled and all appliances connected to this meter type are available for use at any time. Uncontrolled meters attract the highest tariff.
Controlled A meter that is able to be fully controlled at any time. "Controlling" is when the supply of electricity is interrupted by a control signal, typically done during peak usage periods. Appliances connected to these meters may only have supply available during certain times of the day - at the controlling company's discretion.
Inclusive Inclusive meter types are a combination of uncontrolled and controlled meters. They are uncontrolled meters with a separate relay to which controllable appliances can be connected (for example, hot water and/or underfloor heating). It is likely that most of the electricity consumed on this type of meter will be uncontrolled.
Night Night meters are controlled meters that are only supplied electricity at night time. Night meters traditionally run for eight hours during the night from 11pm to 7am. A variation on this is a Night Boost meter which operates as above but has a three hour boost during the day.
Day/Night Day/Night meters are uncontrolled meters with two separate registers - one for Day time usage and one for Night time usage.

The perspex is broken on my meter. Can you replace it?

The meter housing is considered to be part of your property; this means the maintenance of the meter box, including the perspex, becomes your responsibility. If the glass on the meter itself is broken, this is the responsibility of the meter owner - please contact our Customer Care Team and we will arrange for the meter to be replaced.

What should I do if my gas supply stops or is weak?

A fault with your gas appliances or the gas meter, or work being carried out to the gas mains in your street can affect your gas supply. If none of the appliances are working, phone us on 0800 086 400, or if only one appliance is affected, turn the appliance off and call a Registered Craftsman Gasfitter.

What should I do if I smell gas or suspect my gas appliances are faulty?

If you suspect your gas appliances are faulty or leaking (even though you may not be able to smell gas), immediately turn off your gas supply at the meter and contact a Registered Craftsman Gasfitter (who can be easily found in the Yellow Pages under "Gasfitter").

To turn off your gas supply, turn the valve handle to Horizontal (level with the ground). You may need a spanner to do this.

If the smell is coming from or around your gas meter, turn this off immediately and call Energy Online on 0800 086 400. Remember to call us using a landline telephone that is located away from the area where you can smell gas or suspect that it is leaking. If you smell gas outside, call us on 0800 086 400 immediately.

Who do I call if the electricity goes out?

Please use the map here to find the faults number for your area.

How can I get my meter changed?

If you want to change your meter configuration, please email or call our Customer Care Team - please have your customer number available for us, and an idea of your meter requirements.

If your meter is located outside without any access issues, we may be able to change your meter without needing you (or someone you nominate) to be on site. Please note this will interrupt supply to your appliances so we recommend you turn your appliances off on the day the work is scheduled to be completed.

Our schedule of fees details what it will cost you to change your meter. In some instances you may need to arrange and pay for the services of your own electrician.

I need to have the energy supply disconnected for safety while work is being carried out on my property. What do I need to do?

In order to have the energy supply disconnected and reconnected for safety reasons while someone is working on your property, please call the network company in your area:

All networks not listed below (including gas) 0800 086 400
Vector Networks (09) 978 7788
Unison Networks (06) 873 9333
Electra Networks 0800 353 2872
Waipa Networks (07) 870 4014
The Lines Company (07) 878 0600

48 hours notice will be required to ensure the work can be carried out.

Our schedule of fees details what it will cost you to have your energy supply disconnected and reconnected for this service.

I want to remove/demolish a building on my property. What do I need to do?

If you don't already have an Energy Online account at this address one will need to be established before we can arrange for the work to be carried out - please call our Customer Care Team to set up an account. Even if the electricity and gas supply is already disconnected, the meters will still be connected to the network and will require decommissioning.

Once an Energy Online account has been established, our Metering Team can arrange for the decommissioning of your meters and the removal of service lines. All we need you to do is provide us with your contact details and forwarding address so we can advise you when the work will be completed and post you the invoice.

For your convenience we can arrange a new Energy Online account and the decommissioning site all in one phone call.

If you live in the King Country and are connected to the network owned and operated by The Lines Company, please contact The Lines Company directly on (07) 878 0600.


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