No bribes. No gimmicks.
Great value energy,
every day.


  • No fixed term contracts
  • No exit or late payment fees
  • 20% Prompt payment discount






Way more than great electricity and gas prices

Let’s hook up. It’s simple.

If it’s Electricity, Natural Gas and LPG you’re after, you’re in the right place my friend. We’re a power company that gives you all the power and keeps things super simple.
Hook up faster than you can find a date online. Which is under five minutes, unless you’re ridiculously good looking. Then we’ll take care of everything else.

The Nigerian Prince
Derrick receives a windfall that looks too good to be true.

Jack of All Trades
Derrick gets a haircut and broadband installed.

The new neighbour

Derrick gets stuck with the wrong energy company. 

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