Power Outages

Faults, power outages and general stuff that’s not good.

Experiencing a fault or power outage? Have a look at the checklists below.

Safety First!

If you smell gas inside, get out immediately. Leave doors open.
If there is any risk to people or property (fire, for example) call 111.
If you smell smoke or there’s a fire, turn off your mains.
Turn off sensitive electrical equipment (computers, cooking, heating)

No Power?

Is your main switch turned on? (Some properties have a mains switch in the meter box and the fuse box).
Any fuses blown?
Do your neighbours have power?
Are the street lights on?
Has anyone seen or heard anything that may have affected your power? (Any lines down?)
Have you received any notifications about planned outages?
If you have an advanced meter, is there a red light flashing on it? (If there is, then the outage is within your property).

No Hot Water?

Is your hot water cylinder switched on?
Have you used all the hot water?
Is the water lukewarm? If so, your network company could be load shedding as hot water is usually heated for 16-19 hours a day.
Have you given it the opportunity to heat up? (From dead cold, a cylinder can take up to 6 hours to fully reheat).

Fault numbers to call

Please call your Network Company or dedicated faults number (listed below) or check their webpage for updates (if available).

Upper North Island
Central North Island​
Lower North Island​
Upper South Island​
Central South Island​
Lower South Island​

Are you medically dependent and without power?

If you are having problems with power supply and require electricity for medical equipment please:

  • Use back up power (generator or batteries) and call for an update.
  • Ask family or friends who have power if they can help.

If neither of these are available, we recommend seeking assistance from your nearest hospital. Call 111 if you need urgent medical attention or an ambulance. Please read our Vulnerable and Medically Dependent Customers page about letting us know if you are medically dependent.