My bill’s higher than I thought it would be

Check out the below list of common reasons why your bill can change.

  1. Is any money owing from a previous bill?
    If you didn’t pay the full amount of your last bill, the rest will carry over to your next one – and continue to do so if you don’t pay the full amount each month.
  1. We gave you an estimated meter reading
    We can't always gain access to your meter. At these times we ‘estimate’ your property’s energy usage based on previous meter readings.
    Once we get an actual meter reading, we’ll adjust the bill accordingly, or you can live chat us with your actual meter reading.
  1. Longer billing period
    Power bills rarely cover the same exact number of days per billing period. So, if you notice a small variation, this could explain it.
  1. Change in the seasons
    As well as being a good conversation topic, the weather can have a big influence on your energy usage. Air conditioning will boost your energy usage in summer, while the short days and colder temperatures in winter mean you’ll spend more time with the lights, TV, computer, clothes dryer or heaters on.
  1. Changes within your home
    The more people you have in your home, the more energy you’re likely to use. Bringing different appliances into your home can also increase your energy use.
  1. You’ve been using appliances that consume more energy
    You might be surprised at how much energy some home appliances use. For more information on their usage, take a look at the manual, the manufacturer’s website or its ‘energy efficiency’ label. If the appliance doesn't have an 'energy efficiency' label, look for a label on the appliance which tells you how many watts it uses each hour. You'll then be able to convert watts into kWh (number of watts ÷ 1000 = number of kWh) and work out how much it costs per hour based on the kWh charges from your bill.
  1. There was a price change
    Prices do change from time to time. If this is the case, we will have let you know at least 30 days in advance. You can check your current bill to see if your prices have recently increased.

If our smarty heads can’t help you out, we have a resolution process which will help.