How to check the details of my Happy Hours


I can’t remember what day or time I selected. How can I see what I booked?

Find your confirmation email (make sure it is the most recent one if you’ve submitted it more than once) or alternatively, click the green “BOOK NOW” button / link in the invitation email again, and the booking page will display the day and time you selected.

Please note that at the end of the selection period, the last (i.e. the most recent) confirmed timeslot that was submitted through the booking page will be locked in and will overwrite any previous submissions.


Got FOMO? I’m worried I’ll forget my slot.

When you book, you will get a confirmation email, but we recommend adding a reminder in your phone, diary or on the calendar.


Is this legit? How can you work out exactly what I used and make it free?

Your meter will record the consumption used during your Happy Hours. At the end of the selection period, we will get a download of what was selected for everyone – no more swapsies after that.

We’ll run some calculations (based on what you get charged per kWh and per day) and while this can take a few days, we do this to make sure it matches what you would have be charged – unless, in the very rare circumstance that we weren’t able to get the consumption from the meter, in which case we will estimate the value.


Where will I see it on my bill?

Once we’ve done the calculations, we will get your Happy Hours credited back to your electricity account. It will show on your invoice under the “Other Transactions” section and will be deducted from your balance owing.