Genesis Energy and Energy Online

Customer Agent Registration for Consumption Data Requests


Genesis Energy (including Energy Online) has a two stage authorisation process along with an online portal for agent interactions to ensure both certainty that the correct authorisation has been obtained and to provide an efficient provision of data. 



Step 1: Agent is to register with Genesis Energy.

This must be done prior to any customer authorisation of an agent to receive data and the submission of data requests.

Registration is achieved through completion of online form on either of the Genesis Energy ( or the Energy Online ( web sites.

You do not need to register on both sites. A single registration on either site will allow you to request data of either Genesis Energy or Energy Online customers.

The information required is the standard contact information but from this we will provide you with an Agent registration code. This code is important for your interactions with us.

If you have an Electricity Authority issued Agent Participant code then this should be entered in the registration form, you will still be issued with a separate Genesis Energy registration code which is to be used when submitting files through the Agent Portal.”

On completion of your registration, the Agent portal is where you will submit request files and uplift return data files from, if you do not use the EIEP hub.

All agent request/data provision will be via either our Agent portal of the EIEP hub and in the EIEP13c format. We will not use email as an exchange mechanism.

Step 2: Customer to authorise agent

When you form your agreement with a consumer you will advise them of your Agent Registration code and ask them to authorise you to receive their data. The customer can do this online at for Genesis Energy customers or for Energy Online customers


Data Requests EIEP13c data

Once the consumer has authorised you to receive data you can submit the EIEP13c request file either via the EIEP hub or our agent portal.

All requests must be in the EIEP13c format and please note the following when providing the data in the request fields to ensure the seamless processing of the request.

Header Record

  • Sender: use your Genesis Energy registration code.

Detail Record

  • EIEP delivery method: this field will be ignored. Data will be returned via the method the request is received, either the agent portal or the EIEP hub.
  • ICP no: enter as per our invoice to the customer
  • Consumer no: enter as per our invoice to the customer
  • Customer name: enter as it appears on our invoice to the customer
  • Install address fields: enter as per our invoice to the customer

If a request is received prior to the consumer authorising, the request will be rejected ‘no agent authority’ and deemed to be handled. A new request will need to be sent once authorisation has been given.

Any enquires in regards to the agent registration or the customer authorisation process can be sent to [email protected].