Business Power Saving Tips

Saving power in your business doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on the latest innovations. Yes, an investment into your property may give the biggest power savings, but there are some inexpensive measures you can take. Every bit helps.

Saving Power during your business hours

  • Turn off any equipment not in use
  • Pull up window shades to make the most of natural light
  • Turn off any non-essential lights in cupboards, toilets and foyers
  • Don't use heating or air conditioning if the windows and doors are open.

Saving Power After hours

  • Ask (tell) cleaners to make sure they turn the lights off when they leave
  • Only keep on lights that are needed for safety, security or, er, light
  • Make sure fridge and freezer doors are closed
  • Can any semi-full fridges be emptied into another and turned off?
  • Turn off computers and other equipment not in use - this saves energy and prolongs the life of your equipment.

Change the way you use equipment

  • If you can, only use power-hungry equipment during off-peak hours
  • Think creatively about spotting new power-saving opportunities. For example, a motel could cut the number of washing and dryer loads by not changing the towels every day if guests are staying more than one night.
  • Don't position fridges, freezers and chillers in the sun or close to ovens.


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