No-Drama Guide to Moving

How to move house without crying in the corner

“Moving house is fun!” Said no one ever. It’s great once you’re in, but if you don’t get yourself organised, getting there can be about as pain free as a full body wax. So here are 6 tried and tested tips to help you achieve a smooth move:

Tell everyone you’re moving

When you tell your friends and family the exciting news, remember to tell your bank, your boss,
the IRD (Or don’t. They will find you), the council as well as your power & gas supplier. If you’re choosing to join up with us as part of the big move, remember we have no contracts which means we won’t take your first-born child if you want to leave for any reason. And the price you sign up on is all yours for one whole year.

Don’t leave your stuff on the kerb

The universal sign for ‘free’ is when something is left on a kerb unattended. So after you’ve unloaded your couch, fish tank and dining room table off the truck, get someone to keep an eye on it. It’s much easier than hunting down your stolen stuff on Trade Me.

Only pop bubble wrap AFTER you move

Anyone who tells you it’s easy to use bubble wrap without giving in to the urge to pop it is a liar and should never be trusted. So if you want your nan’s urn to survive the big move, sometimes you have to show a little self-restraint.

Bag all remotes and controllers

The crown jewel of any living room is a gigantic TV. So if you want to keep it safe during the move, here’s what you have to do. Step 1: put all the remotes in a bag. Step 2: attach the bag to your body. This can be achieved with bum bags – which have somehow escaped Hades and come back into fashion, or heavy duty duct tape. Having all remotes, and even gaming controllers close to you should be enough to stop anyone wanting to put your TV in their living room. Because everyone knows how annoying it can be when you can’t find the remote.

Pretend you’re going on holiday

Once you’ve moved in, you’ll be way too tired to unpack. Save yourself from rummaging through boxes by packing an overnight bag. Throw in all the things you’ll need such as a clean towel, shampoo, body butter, wine glasses, a bottle opener, and non-sweaty clothes if you're going to work in the morning. This is a great way to get that ‘holiday feeling’ – especially if you’ve just purchased a house and won’t be able to afford a holiday anytime soon.

Hire movers, not mates

Do yourself a favour and call in the pros. Most reputable moving companies offer insurance. Which means if they break something, you get to yell at them and they get to give you money. And it’s so much easier to get angry at a company than at your mates.
We reckon if you follow these 6 tips, your move will be as smooth as a freshly waxed Olympic swimmer. But if you want to achieve dolphin-like smoothness, move your energy to Energy Online. If your new place is disconnected, we’ll get it switched on for free. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and you could win a years’ worth of power. Too easy.