Reliabill Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Customers using the ReliaBill payment option for their Energy Online account. The ReliaBill payment option is made available to Customers for the purpose of standardising the payments for their annual energy costs.

  1. Energy Online will review a Customer’s ReliaBill payment arrangement at least once in a twelve month period to ensure that the regular payment amounts being made closely match the annual energy costs of the Customer. Such a review may result in the regular payment amount being adjusted so that it better reflects the Customer’s annual energy account cost.
  2. If the ReliaBill payment amount is adjusted as per (1) above, Energy Online will advise the Customer at least 10 working days prior to the new amount being taken from the Customer’s bank account.
  3. Under ReliaBill Customers will build up credit balances in periods of low use to cover payment shortfalls in periods of higher use. Refunds of credit balances will only be made at Energy Online’s discretion at the annual review or end of the arrangement or at any other time if the balance retained is excessive to cover estimated energy costs.
  4. Customers using ReliaBill are liable for all energy charges invoiced to them, irrespective of whether the regular payment amount paid through ReliaBill is sufficient to clear those charges in full.
  5. Notwithstanding anything in the Customer’s direct debit authority form to the contrary, Customers wishing to cancel a ReliaBill arrangement must advise Energy Online at least 2 business days before the next regular payment amount is due to be deducted from their bank account. Otherwise, the cancellation will be effective from immediately after the next payment date.
  6. Where the due date of a scheduled payment does not fall on a business day, then the payment will be deducted on the next business day.
  7. If the scheduled payments agreed under the ReliaBill arrangement are not made (either dishonoured or the direct debit form is not received by the required date or agreement cannot be reached on the amount and frequency of a Customer’s ReliaBill payment), Energy Online may, at our discretion, cancel the Customer’s ReliaBill arrangement.
  8. The customer agrees that all payments will be made via Direct Debit or (at the discretion of Energy Online) Credit Card. The Customer agrees that all payments, from the date of the loading of the Direct Debit or Credit Card authority, will be made via that method unless both parties agree otherwise.
  9. Customers that have any ReliaBill payment dishonoured are liable for any dishonour fees Energy Online set from time to time.
  10. When a ReliaBill arrangement is cancelled for any reason, any outstanding debit balance must be paid in full within fourteen (14) days.
  11. These ReliaBill terms and conditions are in addition to the Energy Online standard terms and conditions that apply to the supply of energy that is paid for using ReliaBill. If there is any inconsistency between the ReliaBill terms and conditions and Energy Online’s standard terms and conditions then the ReliaBill terms and conditions will prevail.