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Community Guidelines

Guidelines for contributing to our Social Media Page


We always have our customers backs and want to ensure that our social media channels are a safe place for our community to interact with our brand. Anyone who would like to comment, post, tag, mention, message, or otherwise interact on our pages must follow the guidelines that we have set out below.

We operate the following social media profiles:

We follow the guidelines of the social media channels we use. We ask that anyone who interacts with our social media pages does the same.

We may remove any user content on our page that could reasonably be interpreted as:

  • Inappropriate: posts that are harmful, threatening, abusive, offensive, untrue, misleading, confidential, defamatory, derogatory, disrespectful or discriminatory. Negative comments in relation to the portrayal of any group based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion or disability will be interpreted as discriminatory. This applies to words, images and video. We have an automatic profanity filter, which prevents posts with profanities from being published.

  • Privacy concerns: posts that are a breach of your or someone else’s confidentiality, security or privacy, including that of our staff. Information that is subject to legal or regulatory proceedings.

  • Intellectual property concerns: infringement on any party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity, confidentiality or privacy is strictly prohibited.

  • Spam and solicitation concerns: Repeated statements, attempts to flood the page, or otherwise disrupt other visitors’ access to our customer support. Soliciting for your business or cause. Links or material that may be harmful or cause security breaches.

  • Otherwise not in the spirit of these guidelines, or causing undue concern or discomfort to our visitors.

We reserve the right to block any user who repeatedly breaches our guidelines or the guide lines of the social media channels that we use, without any notice.